The Wheels are Turning!

Well, here we are! The wheels of Hunting American Muscle are turning! What is Hunting American Muscle? It is pretty simple, really.  We are a couple of guys that love Cars.

It started in high school for me when I was driving around a 1965 Mustang Fastback GT, with Pony Interior no less! (More on that car later!) My brother was driving a 1967 Fairlane GTA Convertible. Triple Black!  My buddies were driving a 1965 Falcon, 1966 Mustang coupe, a 1966 Nova (that was faaasst). My buddy Dale was driving a restored and super sweet 1971 Super Beetle. We had some other friends with classic Corvettes, Chevelles, there was a 1955 Chevy Sedan delivery floating around from time to time, lots of cool stuff, and this was in the 1980’s!

We are mostly about American Muscle cars, but there are a lot of European autos that we love too. We also look for classic motorcycles. See our Best of Class winner on the website! Our goal is to keep as many of these vehicles alive as we can. When we hear of one that is interesting we will drive to take a look at it and consider it for the Hunting American Muscle garage. If we like it, we will purchase the car or bike and get it home.

These days it seems that  most shops like ours will start a complete restoration, finish it, and then try to sell it. That is great. We love the restored cars! We are working on some now. The problem with that as I saw it, was, that I can’t afford to buy a fully restored Classic Mustang or Camaro for $20k or $30k or $40k,! Okay you get my point! I am a husband with a honey-do list, I work too much, a dad with kids that are going in different directions, so, I am guy with a limited budget and time for acquiring a car, but have the garage time available (Is an hour a day time?), the skills and the garage space to restore something over time.  That is where HAM comes in. After we purchase a car we think is worthy, we will go through the engine, brakes, lights, transmission, etc., to make the care drive-able and SAFE. We are not going to fully restore our rescued cars. (Unless you want to hire the Hunting American Muscle Restoration Services!)

After the car is roadworthy and safe again, we are going to offer it for sale. On our website, Ebay, Craigslist, or, anywhere we think it will get lots of exposure.

Hunting American Muscle is trying to get these Classic American Cars into the hands of the people who want to restore their own car. We want to be able to provide a good, solid platform the the guy or gal to be able to do a restoration with some of the technical work done, or to be able to do a driving restoration. We really want help people find their dream car, be able to buy it for a decent price and then do the work to make that car their own.  An automobile canvas for the classic automobile masterpiece in your mind!

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