Monthly Archives: February 2018

The BOSS 351

A 1971 Boss 351!  Hunting American Muscle acquired a new project a few months ago! I can say that I absolutely love the car. Check out the video that we posted in the fall. The car is all original, numbers matching drivetrain. It is missing a couple of pieces, the original carb mainly, but I do have the distributor.  I will be posting much more about this car as progress gets started and see where it goes!! Take a look at the pictures and drop me a line!





Check this out. Pretty Cool Site

I was just reading through one of the Mustang magazines and ran across an article talking about a new website. It is a source for parts for enthusiasts of the car hobby and has 62 million database records and 3.1 million parts!

Owners can share car profiles, part numbers, parts sources, torque specs all kinds of cool stuff. I have just scratched the surface but I already like it. Check it out.