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Restoration Shop Work

Well, the restoration shop is picking up a little bit with a few barn finds. We got a line on a couple of Honda CT 70 4 Speeds and picked them up for next to nothing. Remember, asking price does not set market value and the actual price paid is usually reflective of its condition. Well that is the case with the little Trail 70 Honda’s we picked up.

They are both full teardown and full restoration. So after some thought on what we are going to do with them we decided to sell one and keep one. Both of the CT’s are 4 speeds which in the CT world makes them pretty rare. The 4-speed with a clutch was only offered for 3 years. One of the bikes is a 1970, that is the one we are keeping and selling the 1972. It is at Ebay online for sale here.  We will get some pictures of the 1970 4-speed online this weekend.

The 1970 we are going to put in the shop. We have one client who may be interested in it, and if not, maybe just a side project to do whenever. It will go to a 100 point restoration unless someone calls and orders a custom.

There may also be a 1983 Honda Odyssey FL 250 showing up tomorrow. That will be a quick freshen-up and sell.

We are looking at a couple of cars right now for our first build. Stay tuned.