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January 2017! Update

Well, work has progressed but we haven’t been keeping up with our posting. Here is the recap of 2016. The 1967 Cougar work is moving forward. Slowly. New pictures will be up soon. One of the reasons it is moving slowly is the restoration shop is full of Japanese motorcycles!

The last Honda CT 70 we restored was sold to a guy in Florida and it ended up with several judged awards! A Best In Class at the Boca Raton Concourse de’ Elegance and a Best In Class at the Riding Into History Classic Motorcycle show in St. Augustine, as well as a couple others. The pictures will be posted here. Check it out, it is pretty cool.

So with the success he had with our restoration he called us to source a pretty rare little bike. It is a 1986 Honda Z50 Special. It is the Ultimate Survivor! The Special was a limited run by Honda for the Christmas sales season of 1986. What made it special is that Honda chromed the whole bike. It was a standard Z50, all chrome with a special “Special” tank sticker on it. Well, we sourced one in Chicago. There was a northside dealer that took two of the Specials in 1986 (which was the max that any dealer was allowed to get), assembled them and brought them home. Neither bike was ridden and only a small amount of gas was put in the tank to test the bike and then the tank was drained and they sat until last year when they were purchased out of a consignment shop! We got wind of them and it was a no-brainer for our guy in Florida to pull the trigger. Interested? I know where the other one is! Drop us a line if you are a serious buyer for the twin 1986 Special. Both of these bikes are true museum pieces. Perfect survivors and un-touched or modified. Check out the pictures.

So after the Special shipped out, we are in the middle of 2 1970 CT 70 4 speed restorations. One is sold and the other will be for sale shortly. The one that will be for sale is getting a new top end and a clutch. It won’t be long. I will post some before pics to get it out there.

A Honda ATC 200ES Big Red will be rolling in for a quick refurb too. That will be for sale shortly also.

The big news is the car that is coming in. It is not Japanese like the rest of the restoration shop work. It fits our company name: American Muscle! We are super stoked to get it and start the work! Second week of February! It is purchased, so stay tuned for pictures and updates!